Higher Liver Enzymes

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Sometimes, even healthy people who least expect encountering health problems can be taken by surprise of having illnesses that hide underneath their seemingly fit bodies. The human liver, as one of the vital organs of the human body can encounter some of the most lethal diseases man can encounter.

While other diseases in other parts of the body may cause most diseases of the liver, what is known as higher liver enzymes is a symptom of damage or even inflammation in the liver. When the liver is inflamed, the injured cells cause leakage of some chemicals, particularly enzymes higher than what should be normal excretions.

The leaking enzymes and chemicals can flow into the bloodstream, which results to the elevation of the liver enzymes. Blood tests reveal this specific problem. This particular irregularity in the enzyme secretion is not a major problem in itself. Other liver function tests also detect increase in liver enzyme secretion, even though mild and temporary.

The most common causes of higher liver enzymes in the body include acute viral hepatitis A and B, chronic hepatitis C and the prolonged break down or collapse of the body’s circulatory system. All of these are the results when the liver is not provided with fresh blood that brings in oxygen and nutrients. What is also another cause of liver enzymes produced in higher levels is a fatty liver due to obesity and diabetes mellitus. This problem is not only a danger to adults, but also to children.

The fattening of the liver may also be caused by excessive drinking. There are also certain medications sold through prescription, as well as over-the-counter that can trigger the liver to produce higher level of enzymes, which when taken excessively can be harmful to the liver. Certain anti-seizure and pain killer medications result to the abnormality in production of enzymes, as well as antibiotics, cardiovascular and anti-depressant drugs.

Complications in the body also affect the performance of the liver that affect or damage its regulation and release of enzymes. There are several other diseases that obviously affect the liver. Among those are cirrhosis, gall bladder inflammation or cholecystitis, hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid, muscular dystrophy, pancreatitis, Wilson’s disease, and Celiac disease. Staring from mild, turning to moderate, until it becomes worse, liver enzyme elevations can really be depressing and dangerous, without the affected person feeling it.

In spite of the various diseases associated with the problem of increase in liver enzymes in the body, there are also quite a number of medications that can provide treatment and allow the liver to produce the normal amount of enzymes needed by the body to function in balance. When detected soon, there are several helpful cures to prevent its further damage to the body.

Consultation with the doctor is definitely the first step in order to find out the suitable medication for every individual. Depending on the major cause of higher liver enzymes to a certain person, the prescription really varies because of the different chemical reactions that can take place to every person’s body.


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