Liver Cancer

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Liver cancer, which is also called hepatocellular carcinoma is a common illness that afflicts people of all ages. According to statistics, 26.4 percent (the highest) of those diagnosed with the disease were aged between 65 and 74.

The liver is the largest organ inside the body and performs many tasks, which include regulation of blood sugar, production of fat, absorption of omega fatty acids, regulation of cholesterol, balancing of hormones, maintenance of muscle tone, and getting rid of toxins such as viruses, bacteria, unhealthy food ad byproducts of medication.

The disease has three different types and these are hemangiomas, hepatic adenomas, and focal nodular hyperplasia.

A hemangioma begins in the blood vessels and is the most common type of benign liver tumor. Hepatic adenomas are benign epithelial liver tumors that develop in the liver. These adenomas are solitary and located in the right hepatic lobe of the liver. Symptoms related to hepatic adenomas are all connected with large lesions, which cause intense pain in the abdomen.

Lastly, focal nodular hyperplasia is the second most common tumor of the liver. This type of condition arises from the localized response of a liver cell to an underlying malformation. In this type of cancer, all the normal constituents of the liver are present but these are organized in an abnormally pattern.

Symptoms of the disease are not easily recognized because the cancer does not manifest until it is already in the late stage. When one can already feel pain, it indicates that the cancer is well established in the body.

Although it is difficult to diagnose because of its silent nature, certain indicators can provide physicians that one already has a liver cancer. Signs include pain in the upper right side of the abdomen, bloating of the abdomen, rapid weight loss, lack of appetite, getting easily tired, nausea and vomiting, and yellow skin and eyes accompanied by a fever.

Response to treatment is more likely to be effective when the disease is diagnosed early. For early diagnosis, surgery is the common treatment recommended. A cancer that has already progressed to advanced stages, are treated using chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
However, chemotherapy and radiation therapy will only help manage the disease and not totally cure it.

The factors that affect liver cancer survival rate depend on the stage of the cancer, the tumor’s size and whether it has spread to other organs in the body, the overall health of the liver, the presence of cirrhosis and the age of the patient.

As for people who would like to try alternative treatment, acupuncture, herbal products, vitamins, special diets, meditation, and spiritual healing are just some of the examples which people resort to. It is not wrong to resort to such methods but relying solely on such will not be helpful in treating the cancer. It is best to consult the physician with regards to special diet and vitamins because these can react to the medication being done on the body and may even cause harm than good.

Because liver cancer, like different types of cancer is difficult to treat and is life threatening, it is best to observe healthy living and early intervention is still better than any other treatments available.


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