Liver Cleanse Diet

Very rarely do I offer my opinion on diet plans but this liver cleansing diet worked great for me.

The liver is a very important organ of one’s body. It is responsible for major roles in metabolism activities such as storage of glycogen, breakdown and decomposition of red blood cells, synthesis of plasma protein, and production of hormone.< It is also important in weight loss through its detoxifying capabilities. The liver of an adult human normally weighs between 3.1-3.5 pounds and about the size of an American football in adults. It is both the largest internal organ and the largest gland of the human body. Some individuals disregard the many wonders of the liver and what it can do to the body. Many people only become conscious of their liver’s health when they are diagnosed with different liver complications and diseases. But aside from these complications, certain problems of the body shown by warning signs may arise without one knowing that it is the liver that causes these problems.
When the condition can still be addressed with diet and lifestyle change, it is best to resort to homeopathy and do the liver cleanse diet.
The following are signs that a liver cleanse diet is needed to pump up one’s body:

• Weight problems such as Excessive weight gain and fat concentrated on the abdomen
• Alarming cravings for sweet, starchy, or fatty foods
• Difficulty losing weight
• Lack of energy and fatigue
• Sleepiness
• Digestion problems such as Constipation, Heartburn and Bad breath
• Bitter taste in the mouth and lips
• Irritability, anger, depression and poor concentration or brain fog
• Skin problems such as dark under-eye circles, spider veins, frequent bruising and premature aging
• Having body odor, excessive body heat or hot flushes, and stools that float

Many diets are available now as options to detoxify the body and specific remedies such as the tea liver cleanse diet can be helpful in eliminating unwanted pollutants while enjoying a cup of tea.

The rooibos (pronounced as roy-buss) is a caffeine-free reddish brown tea that is originally cultivated in South Africa and exported to different parts of the world. Its taste is similar to the regular black tea but as compared to the usual black tea, it is less bitter and adding sweetener is optional to many people.

The rooibos is particularly rich in polyphenols (a type of antioxidants found in tea and citrus fruits), including dihydrochalcones, aspalathin, and nothofagin. The great thing about this kind of tea is its ability to improve liver detoxification by boosting glutathione levels, and breaking down fat in the liver.

Rooibos tea is best enjoyed with a wedge of lemon, or with milk. Popular mixes enjoyed in cafes serving tea beverages include vanilla rooibos and spicy rooibos tea for the more adventurous people.

The honeybush tea is also worth a try. It is from South Africa like the rooibos and the honeybush has a delicious natural sweetness minus the calories which makes it the perfect option for people who are trying to lose weight and still want to enjoy sweet variants of drinks. The said tea also has no caffeine and it contains antioxidants such as mangiferin, hesperitin, and isokuranetin, and can boost glutathione levels in the liver and improve immune function.

Aside from the options above, there are many other variants of tea, which can be good for detoxifying the liver. Such can be purchased from online stores and health shops.


5 Responses to “Liver Cleanse Diet”

  1. Henry on October 30th, 2009 5:49 am

    Water is a great way to lose weight fast and efficiently. drinking water and keeping yourself cleansed in your system will make sure your healty

  2. Mike on October 31st, 2009 10:50 pm

    My friend tried the liver cleanse diet to help with her indigestion and acid reflux, but it didn’t help as much as a long-term change in diet.

  3. Linda on November 12th, 2009 2:21 am

    That’s a really interesting article. I wasn’t actuall aware that your liver could cause all of these symptoms. After reading this I think it’s probably a good idea try one of these diets even if you aren’t experiencing any of these symptoms – as a preventative measure.

  4. Meghan on December 17th, 2010 2:59 pm

    I LOVE rooibos tea – however, I would disagree, I think it tastes very different from black tea. It has a much lighter flavor, no bitterness at all, and is naturally sweet tasting. I suggest trying blends such as red rooibos with pomegranate and strawberry or green rooibos with peppermint. Delicious!

  5. Sean on April 9th, 2011 10:36 pm

    Really informative article and spot on. Liver cleansing is critical for ones good health and longevity. Liver cleansing is something we should do regularly, and I’ll have to try the rooibos tea myself, sounds interesting! Thank you!

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