Liver Detoxification

Very rarely do I offer my opinion on diet plans but this liver cleansing diet worked great for me.

As one of the organs of the body that is tasked with enormous duty and remarkable capacity to keep in check, as well as uncover the composition of almost every chemical and nutrients in the body, the liver is actually overloaded not only with responsibilities, but toxins as well.

The liver specifically identifies the biochemicals of the body including hormones and enzymes. However, it specifically filters the blood and gathers substances known as toxins to break them down and make them biodegradable to be eliminated as waste out of the body.

Imagine how overworked the liver is as it acts as a strainer filtering over fifty gallons of blood inside the body each day. The toxins filtered are stored in the liver and that compromises its function as more and more toxins are kept as waste.

This causes a higher level of toxicity for the body affecting the health of the individual and the actual feeling of being healthy and fit. This led to liver screening for patients to find out how well their livers are functioning, and thus gives importance to liver detoxification.

There are detoxification enzymes inside the body that serve as catalysts and help the liver detect and dissolve toxins from a various sources inside and outside of the body. This process transforms toxins into substances that can be eliminated from the body called Phase I and II detoxification. Several nutrients such as antioxidants allow the liver to perform the said phases much more effectively. Toxins broken down by the liver are composed of anything from pollution, alcohol, pharmaceutical products, tobacco and many other carcinogens that are harmful and destructive to the body.

Every individual can help in a lot of ways to help in the natural means of liver detoxification. Most of the best and inexpensive ways to do this is by reducing intake of foods that have undergone processing and preservation that contains preservatives and chemicals. Most of the vices that include excessive drinking and smoking should also be avoided to be able to also lessen the intake of medications, all of which make the liver work too much. Healthy diet, as always, is one of the most effective means of keeping the body healthy, and this can be done by consuming fresh and raw fruits and vegetables and healthy grains such as brown rice. Clean drinking water also is always recommended with regular exercise to induce detoxification as the body produces sweat.

Liver detoxification not only keeps the liver healthy, it also benefits different parts of the body and overall improves the lifestyle and health of individuals. With the help of several herbs and supplements, it also affects normal metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. It also helps in the creation of bile salts and secretion of the bile that affects bowel movement avoiding constipation, which can be a common problem for some people. With the kidneys and the skin, the liver is also important in activation of Vitamin D, which is essential to building strong bones. Furthermore, it also prevents sallow skin, formation of age spots caused by waste build-up in the liver, wrinkles, uneven skin texture, adult acne, bad breath, and skin rashes or sores.

The liver is indeed a very crucial organ of the body that needs consideration in order to perform at its best. Every individual needs to be aware of its functions, as well as its weaknesses including ways to make liver detoxification do its job well for the benefit of the body and the individual as a whole.


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  1. Sean on April 13th, 2011 8:49 pm

    That was a really good and well written article. It is so true how important our livers are and the huge role they play in keeping our bodies healthy.

    Liver detoxifcation is essential for everyone, because the potential for toxins entering the body is drastically high these days.

    I loved what you said about not eating processed foods, this is definitely one of the most important steps.

    Thanks for writing this 🙂

  2. Anonymous on March 3rd, 2012 11:48 am

    i really appreciate this!!!

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